Start your plastic-free journey today 

Track and reduce your plastic footprint. Log all plastic items you buy, set goals, receive virtual awards and share your progress on social media to inspire others


Record Your Plastic

MyPlasticDiary app allows you to record all plastic packaging you get with your daily shopping.

Use our intuitive interface to enter packaging items. In the future, we plan to add barcode scanning and integration with online grocery shopping apps.

Set Goals

Measure your progress and set goals for plastic reduction. Start with trying to consume half as much plastic as an average person, then aim for more.

Built-in rewards and positive feedback will help you stay the course on your plastic free journey

Inspire Others

Share your successes with friends on social media, exchange tips and tricks and help your community to fight its addiction to plastic.

Inspire others and create a positive change around you.

What We Do

Here at MyPlasticDiary, we believe that to change the world we need to start with ourselves. Let us start recording plastic we get with our daily shopping. Once we understand our footprint, we can reduce it. When we do that we can inspire others. Together we can influence our communities and industry and make a lasting impact.

Meet The Team


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